03 April 2013

Sewing Projects!

Now that I am a mummy and have no time to knit, I have taken up a new hobby - sewing! Its much quicker and I can create stuff much faster buy my sewing skills are sadly still incredibly bad. LOL I really find it hard to sew a straight line and my cutting skills are questionable! Even so Ive tried to create little quilts/playmats for my lil baby and he doesn't care that mummy makes tons of mistakes... he just loves playing on them :)

First quilt/playmat

Second quilt/playmat。 tons of mistakes including sewing my tablecloth along with the hems!

  Simple Apron using a pattern from a friend's book. Pls ignore how terrible the hem is again!

Quilt for baby Clarissa - front and back

More fabrics for my growing stash!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

aww love seeing your amazing sewing projects.. but i must admit i love seeing your little one even more! what a cutie!!