06 February 2013


I am so behind in posts and would really like to document out journey with Seb. I guess I will get to it soon but here are some updates of now :)

He will be 13 weeks old on Friday so just over 3 months old. We went for a mothers group session this morning n learnt massage which he really enjoyed.

We've signed him up for Gymbaroo after the free open day and he really enjoyed it as well as Hydrotherapy starting this Friday. Our life is so magical with him and its hard to believe just 3 months ago he wasn't with us! Mummy and Da DA loves you soooo much darling!


Lisa said...

he is SOOOOO freakin' adorable petrina!!! congrats again to you guys you guys are such a gorgeous family!

minnieyao said...

OOOhhhhhhhhh my goodness he is such a cute baby!!!!! I love his cheeks hahaha so adorable =)