31 January 2013

The Birth Story

I can't believe how fast the time has flown. My little baby Sebastien will be 3 months old tomorrow! I've never been so happy, busy or afraid in my entire life! I guess its true what people say - you can never imagine feeling this way until you become a parent. 

Anyway this is Sebastien's birth story :)

It all started on Thursday, the 8th of November. I had finished up at work the previous week and was booked in to be induced the following Friday (Sebbie would be 40 weeks on the Sat after). Simon had the day off and my parents had already arrived and we spent the day grocery shopping and making preserved ginger with my mum. My sister was due to arrive for a family dinner and I had just discovered a good friend was expecting. I was so excited I got on the phone straightaway and at the end of the phone call I remember saying how tired I was of being pregnant and am so over it - I was ready for bub to come out anytime. An hour later about 6.30 pm whilst resting in bed (waiting for my sister to arrive so we can eat dinner) I suddenly felt a whoosh! It felt so weird and something told me to get to the bathroom pronto. As soon as I stepped in, something err... dropped and my waters rushed to the floor!!
I panicked and called for Simon who came immediatly. He grabbed my mobile and I rang the hospital straightaway. The midwife was lovely and told me to take a shower and come into the hospital as soon as possible. As there was no pain (yet) I took a hot shower, washed my hair, waited for Simon to do the same and for him to have dinner (I was not suppose to eat :( - should have had an early dinner!!) and then we left for the hospital. I was so excited and so nervous. We got to the hospital about 10 pm and then the waiting begin. They showed me the dilation sizes and explain several things but I really couldnt take it in. Then they checked for dilation which was super painful (because I was not dilated at all!!) and then the pain begun. Was not too bad so all they gave me was some pain killers and told me to rest. They also gave me some bad news - my obstetrician was going away tomorrow and it was a commitment she could not cancel and would not be back until late Saturday - so this means someone else would be delivering my baby :( She would come and see me at 6 am the next morning so I was hoping I would be ready to push by then.

Nope, no such luck. I was in pain all night and thought hey, I must be getting close by now. No such luck. She came round and did another check (ouch ouch) only to advise I was not in labout yet (what?!??!) and only 1.5 cm dilated. I decided enough with the pain and as my waters had broken the night before I would be induced and was to have epidural. What a relief! With the drugs I dilated to 9 cms in less than 3 hours! whoppee! An hour and a half later (and blissfully pain free!!) I was ready to push. After pushing for 1.5 hours and unable to get him out the last bit (Simon kept saying he could see Sebbie's hair!!) Sebbie came out with vacuum assistance. By this time the epidural had wore off hte right side and I was in so much pain on the right side of my hip, back and thigh - it was sooo painful I can't imagine how it would be like to deliver without meds!
Freshly born

At 12.52 pm on the 9th of November, our beautiful baby boy was born - Sebastien Zhi Xiang Woo - 46 cms and 2.96 kgs. We love you soooo much!! More progress updates later :)

The day after


Lily (Chloe.Ash) said...

Congratulations! I delivered both my kids without epidural. Yes, it was death.

MaysaAndSunshine said...

Congrats on your sweet pea. Ouch, it sucks that an epidural worn off at the end. What an experience, right? I gave birth without ANY drug, not by choice but mine happened so fast they didnt have time. All natural and painful alright. Enjoy your baby.

Lisa said...

omgosh i can't believe the epidural wore off at the end! that's insane.. i didn't even know that could happen!!!

but it's all worth it.. he is such a gorgeous baby. omgosh congrats he's so beautiful hon!!!

daphne said...

So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your birth story!! Hope you are doing ok. Send my love to Sebbie! xx

Xen Lee ♥ said...

Congratulations, new mummy!! Your baby is beautiful :D

On a separate note, the highlighter was about myr215.