22 November 2011

Naruko Skincare

I'm finally trying out Naruko skincare after a few months of reading and watching raves for them on Youtube and various bloggers.

Naruko is a skincare brand from Taiwan and created by Robin Nui Er who is hailed as Taiwan's "Beauty King". His goal is to develope affordable and effective skin care containing high quality ingredients (mostly natural ingredients including the scent).

Sasa was having a 55% off Naruko products so I thought its a good way to try some new products without spending too much. Unfortunately, by the time I logged on there wasn't much left so all I purchased was the Narcissus Total Defense Eye Essence, Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly and a cleanser from the AMPM range. I've only received the package yesterday and used each product about 3x since, but so far so good. Its integrated well with my normal skincare routine with no problems at all (My normal skincare routine comprises of mostly Caudalie and Trilogy skincare with Lancome 12H sunscreen).

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