05 June 2013

Sebbie - 7 Months

I cannot believe my little baby is now going to turn 7 months on Sunday. He is growing up way too fast! So fast I haven't written any progress notes like I originally intended. Better late than never eh? So now he's at his 7th month and just 5 weeks ago he weighed 8.956 kgs - no doubt he well over 9 now -  we shall find out tomorrow at his weigh in!

DIET: Sebbie started solids on April 20th (23 Weeks) with just Bellamys Organic rice cereal but he didn't like it all. We tried for three days and err gave up. His vegetable puree is only organic now and Im trying to keep it this way until he turns 1 unless its unavoidable.
 His list of rejected foods is high - sweet potato,carrot, zucchini, spinach, apple. To show how much he disliked carrots, he actually cried this pitiful cry and threw the carrots at me.  He loves the sweet stuff - Purple Carrot, Banana, Avocado, Butternut Pumpkin.  And he loves drinking water from a sippy cup! He is still breastfed and his schedule is still about 3-4 hourly during the day. He goes to sleep about 8-9 pm (we try from 7.30 pm during his last feed and after his bath) has a feed about midnight-2am and another feed about 6-8 am.

SLEEP: He is a terrible sleeper period. He naps anywhere between 30 mins to 2 hours (few and far between). I count myself lucky if he has more than a day nap. He's also incredible FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and gets distracted and absolutely refuses to sleep when we are out. We moved him to his own room a couple of weeks ago and he's slept a little bit better (less noise and intrusion from us) but still has a couple of feeds a night.

TEETH: Sebbie has 6 teeth now! He cut his bottom two on the 25th of April (24 Weeks) and the top 4 on the 28th of May. (28 Weeks and 4 days) All I can say is the teeth majorly upsets him. I know friends whose bubs get a runny nose and perhaps a bit of a temp or just looks flushed a few days prior. Sebbie moans and screams in pain. All. Night. Long. And not just one night and not just the first set. He has this for pretty much 80% of the two weeks prior to the lil toothies emerging. I did administer panadol but usually only half a dose and after 1 am so we can all sleep. Or else he would scream and I will be nursing every 1.5 hours or so.
SICK: Sebbie also had his first bout of illness - gastro/stomach virus on the 24th of May (Week 28). Poor bub screamed n screamed all night. Panadol helped a bit and he had diarrhea all day long. 

MOBILITY: Still on fours and moving way more now. He can support stand on furniture though he can't quite muster the strength to get up on his own. He started sitting on his own on the 29/4 (24 weeks 3 days) and does a combo of commando crawl/real crawling and jumping crawl to get to where he wants. He has started his second term at Gymbaroo and swimming and loves both! He has playdates most days and love going to Mothers Group as much as I do!

Mummy loves you so so much and can't believe how quickly you are growing up. Missing your little baby days but can't wait to see what's in store for you either - dilemma!

14 April 2013

Time Flies - 5 Months

I can't believe my little munchkin is 5 months old now! I love so him so much and its been an amazing journey watching him grow up. Ive been so tearful, scared at how quickly time has gone by and sad that in a few months I will have to leave him in daycare when I return to work. Thankfully I'm only going back part time, but we will not stop praying for that financial breakthrough that will allow us to stay at home with him.

He has progressed so quickly - this past week he has been so difficult and it was only on Wednesday we realized he has started teething! Its been an agonizing (for us) and painful (for him) process but on Friday morning we were rewarded with two little stumps pushing their way out.

He has also started getting up on all fours (knees) and even on fours and tip toes! Seb enjoys his social activites (Gymbaroo, swimming and mothers group) and staying at home all day (Tuesdays) is begining to be quite difficult. I haven't taken him for a weigh in for the past couple of weeks but as of two weeks ago he was still sitting at the 75th percentile in weight (8.27 kgs at 19 weeks) - lol and to think at the start of our breastfeeding journey I was worried if he was getting enough! He is pretty fast and can drain a boob in 5 mins!

Mummy and daddy loves you soooo much Sebbie. You bring unimaginable joy into our lives and we cherish each and every second with have with you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to my precious little boy.

03 April 2013

Sewing Projects!

Now that I am a mummy and have no time to knit, I have taken up a new hobby - sewing! Its much quicker and I can create stuff much faster buy my sewing skills are sadly still incredibly bad. LOL I really find it hard to sew a straight line and my cutting skills are questionable! Even so Ive tried to create little quilts/playmats for my lil baby and he doesn't care that mummy makes tons of mistakes... he just loves playing on them :)

First quilt/playmat

Second quilt/playmat。 tons of mistakes including sewing my tablecloth along with the hems!

  Simple Apron using a pattern from a friend's book. Pls ignore how terrible the hem is again!

Quilt for baby Clarissa - front and back

More fabrics for my growing stash!

03 March 2013

Accessories du jour

Finally a non baby post ;) accessories for our high tea ytd

Skirt - Alannah Hill
Wallet - Prada
Ring - YSL Arty

02 March 2013

Sebastien W | BONDS Baby Search 2013

Lol we've entered Sebbie into the Bonds baby comp - please vote for him via the link below :)

Sebastien W | BONDS Baby Search 2013

26 February 2013

My lil munchkin

My lil munchkin is growing up so fast!! Seb takes up 99% of my time so I really haven't been able to post progress notes but I will get round to it soon! I do not want to forget how he's progressed and would like to read back on it one day and share it with him too. In the meantime here are some cute photos :)

12 February 2013

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy Chinese New Year!!

Gong xi fa chai! Wishing everyone a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year from the Woo family :) how everyone had a great time ushering in the year of the Snake :)